Encaustic is beeswax combined with tree resin, each layer of material being fused with heat. I enjoy working with this medium because of its versatility. I can use it to collage objects, or I can paint with it alone; and it is capable of a wide variety of mark-making techniques.

Also important is that the main ingredient of encaustic comes from the honey bee. We live in a time of overwhelming environmental concerns, and the diminishing honey bee population is an indicator of humanity’s decline. When in the presence of an encaustic piece, the viewer is brought closer to awareness of the honey bee and her potential demise.

The images I create are varied as are the materials I use. While my works involve mainly encaustic for the reasons stated above, I will also incorporate my ink or graphite drawings and photography. I recently have begun to work with wire sculpting for its vague yet suggestive forms. While showcasing the scenes and objects that inspire me, my work also strives to remind the viewer that our daily habits affect the well-being of the planet and that of future generations.


Neranza Noel Blount, 2018